Science, human’s greatest intellectual adventure, has rocked their faith and engendered dreams of a material Utopia. At its most abstract, science shades into philosophy; at its most practical, it cures disease. It has eased our lives and threatened our existence. It aspires, but in some very basic ways fails, to understand the ant and the Creation, the infinitesimal atom and the mind-bludgeoning immensity of the cosmos.

HOW DID OUR universe come to be? Nearly all modern cosmologists believe that everything was ‘kick-started’ by a ‘big bang’.

Going through old science magazines that I collected a while back and this article, Exploding the ‘big bang’, caught my attention.

Extracts from,  Creation – Vol. 25 No.   4 Sep-Nov 2003:

Creationist (physicist / cosmologist), John Hartnett, is one of a relatively small number of Bible-believing creationists worldwide, involved in cosmological research and thinking. Many folk, including Christians, have trouble accepting the biblical account that God created the universe about 6,000 years ago. But believing the Bible right from the start is not a problem for John, which puts him at odds with his evolutionary counterparts.

‘[I] really want to show the scientific weakness in the big bang thinking, and that you can’t fit it into the Bible’, John says. ‘We actually want to create a big bang of our own among the scientific establishment, and dispel the myth of this cherished icon of evolution.’

Recent research on redshift patterns have badly damaged the credibility of the ‘big bang’, by indicating that our galaxy is at, or near to, the centre of the universe.[1]

Around every corner, a creationist comes up with an opposing answer to a strong model of the ‘big bang’ theory. At the most, one can only choose for themselves, whether to be a Creationist or an Evolutionist.

Find out more about Dr John Hartnett’s cutting-edge research at

Further reading: John Hartnett – University of Western Australia


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  1. Jordan Saker says:

    Please leave a link(s) of info on either Evolution or Creation

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