Funny how they seem to get wobblier and wobblier the bigger the retailer. Your local market stall holder will be pretty right with their price. There’s you, the buyer, them, the seller and item X. Usually a damn nice home-made jam. And the seller is most likely the jammer, jam maker; cook. Whatever the right phrase is.

Fuel price hikeAnd the price will be pretty modest, and the value pretty high. A good deal all around. As you go up the scale of retailers, things slowly begin to change, it seems to me.  Your local small business will still be a pretty decent place to do business. They will most likely know their customers as friends and neighbours. It all helps to keep things fair for all.

But I can’t help wondering why, by the time we get up to the big fuel companies and supermarket mega-chains, it all seems to go bung. For example, pretty much everyone knows the Australian dollar is worth heaps now, compared to the standard international trade measure, the US greenback. It makes Australia a more expensive destination for overseas tourists wanting to visit.

So is our fuel, priced on a world parity basis, 20 per cent cheaper? Are all imported lines on super market shelves 20 per cent cheaper? Are imported cars and tractors and trucks 20 per cent cheaper? Are movies 20 per cent cheaper?

Somewhere out there I believe there is a dirty great huge pile of money that is the savings you and I should be seeing in cheaper fuel, cars, books and loans, but aren’t.



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I was fiercely attacked and was being defeated, but the Lord helped me. Psalms 118:13 Reach for the stars, not for anything less.

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