A scam has been circulating in Social Networking giants. Recelty on twitter I recieved a message from a user whom I follow. The message was simply, “You look differnet in this picture” with a link.

Clicking on the link, if you have an internet security software installed, it will bring this window up.

Click on image for preview

If you choose to ignore this, the target address comes up. And guess what, the Twitter login page is the target address. If you look closely at the address bar in the picture below, the Twitter address is replaced by spamcheckys.com. 

Click on the image to read browser address bar

This scam is a Phishing threat. A phishing website is a website that impersonates a trusted website to trick you into revealing personal or financial information. In this case, a person’s Social Newtworking life on personal information could be at risk where ,major social networking sites allow a user to link accounts.

Don’t trust low profile websites that use a trusted website to ask you for personal information. Stay Cybersafe!



About Top Gun

I was fiercely attacked and was being defeated, but the Lord helped me. Psalms 118:13 Reach for the stars, not for anything less.

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