They may be the hottest property when it comes to the mobile phone market, but HTCchief says the iPhone is “not cool any more” and a phone for old people.

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The popular Apple product remains the top-selling phone alongside its predecessor the iPhone 3GS, but acting president of HTC America Martin Fichter believes the phone is beginning to lose its cache of cool, technology website Mashable reports.

My Opinion:

They’re all just phones, always were, always will be. C’mon if you want to be cool and you are grasping for a cheap, small piece of technology then you have no chance of ever actually being cool. It’s just a phone!

 As long as you can do the basics of texting and calling, the rest doesn’t matter. The iPhone is just another passing fad in the mobile phone world.

Two huge markets – drugs (I’m thinking of ‘recreational’ and antidepressants) and distraction (gadgets, especially gadgets which encourage compulsive and shallow ‘communication’). That tells a sad tale about the state people are in. It’s ironic, people think they see through advertising, but still value ‘cool’.

 To be under the control of a small annoying piece of electronic apparatus is waaaayy uncool !! Use ’em when you have to, and otherwise cut your own path. Honestly who could be botherd keeping up with trends, what a waste of money.

A nokia 1100 mobile will do me. Drop it,throw it,and crack walnuts with it.

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