So you have a website and want to be found on the internet? All right no problem. I have been there to… At first keep in mind that You may have a billion of websites but you won’t make a single dime if nobody finds them! I am sure you agree with that logic.

Below are some free and powerful ways to get the words out about your new website and be found on the internet:

Post In News Groups– Having your web site URL appear in a number of News Groups is a nice way to build your web site awareness and increase your link popularity with the search engines. Make sure to post only in newsgroups related to your topic and include your web site address in your signature.

Write And Submit Articles For Traffic– Writing and submitting articles can be very profitable for a new website just starting up. It helps to build your credibility and give you an expert status in your field. Make sure to write good and interesting article for your readers. It has to be on the subject of your website. Article marketing is also another way to boost your link popularity.

Search Engine submission/Optimization– Definitely something you can’t afford to miss! Getting your website in the major search engines and directories is a sure way to assure your website a constant flow of free internet visitors who are looking for your product or service

Post On Yahoo Answers!- Yahoo Answers is a place where anyone can ask for help and get an answer about a question. Yahoo Answers is totally free to use. As an internet marketer you can reply to the questions related to your expertise and establish yourself as an expert in the field. Just Like the news groups, you may include your web site address in your signature.

There are many other ways to be found on the internet. These are just some tips to help you along the way 


About Top Gun

I was fiercely attacked and was being defeated, but the Lord helped me. Psalms 118:13 Reach for the stars, not for anything less.

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