‘Specialisation is for insects’, – a quote from Robert A. Heinlein. Because we interested in lots of things, we’ve never  settled for a specific thing. So expect anything!

Broken Arrow has a lot of ideas on a wide range of topics and is open to new and interesting opinions. If you’re bored to death with a post or the topic doesn’t interest you, chances are you may love the next!

Broken Arrow authors write to a restricted word limit of not more than a 1000 words. Having said that, most posts will as short and straight-to-the-point as possible. Each post will come close to appeal to, and interest a wide range of age groups.

The rules that this Blog lives by include:

  1. Posting and sharing relevant topics for the reader’s entertainment
  2. Bring humour into each post most of the time
  3. Being as informal as possible and down-to-earth, speaking the language of an average day-to-day person

Please feel free to leave general comments about the blog or inform us on ways that we could make things really interesting.


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